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Dawn M. Ellis & Associates helps those in the business of helping people.  Through research, technical assistance, and creativity, DME improves work for the public good. Across the U.S., DME consults with agencies, nonprofit and service organizations, philanthropies, businesses and individuals. We place people at the center of the work; particularly the students, patients, clients, communities, and customers the service is designed to help.  

Dawn M. Ellis & Associates assists funders so they can improve and monitor grants to catalyze change.  DME taps wisdom within organizations.  As a bridge, the firm connects research, policy, and practice, so leaders can make better decisions. Our services include technical assistance, evaluation, program design and redesign, facilitation, planning, professional development, coaching, partnership development, seminars and residencies.  DME meets the needs of a wide range of entities, from international nongovernmental organizations to multi-state coalitions to small rural nonprofits. 

Let us know how we can help you help others.

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